Postcard Mailing Programs
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Retailer Mailing Programs


  • Use POS information to initiate mailings
  • Segment mailings based on purchase dates, amounts, and product
  • Craft mailing message to coincide with segment
  • Mail monthly to increase customer retention and spending


  Retail Mailing Programs allow you to use your POS and billing system data to drive the right marketing message to the right customer group:

  New Customer Mailing: Profile your current customers and find more like them in your trade area. Delete current customs from the mailing list and mail a deep First-Time Customer offer. Response rates of 5% to 10% are possible.

  Welcome Mailing: Mail a special Welcome offer to first-time customers. If you can get first-time customers to repeat their purchase, your chances of retaining them for life are much higher. Expect response rates of 15% to 30%.

  Miss You Mailing: Identify your best customers that haven’t made a purchase for a period of time. Mail them a great offer to get them to return. Expect response rates of 10% to 20%.

  Promotional Mailing: Mail a promotional or seasonal offer to create excitement and new sales among targeted groups of customers. Expect response rates of 5% to 15%.

  Reward Mailing: Reward your best customers with a special offer, event or simple thank you. Offer a promotional product or gift certificate for reaching spending thresholds. Expect response rates of 20% to 50%.

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